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Patricia Wilson-Smith is the fresh new source of inspiration for women and professionals all over the country.

Her new program, “F.A.C.E Your Future” promises to help thousands like you make bold changes in their lives, by harnessing the power of your greatest desires, and inspiring you to eliminate the real and perceived roadblocks that prevent you from living your best life and realizing your biggest dreams!

Coming in 2023 – The F.A.C.E. Your Future Conference, Atlanta GA

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Pat has a rare combination of creative, technical, and communication skills, and is regarded as an expert in digital marketing technologies – content management systems, digital marketing platforms, social media analytics, search engine optimization, etc. Her digital marketing agency, Online Media Interactive, helps small to medium-sized businesses develop strategies for making their websites work for them, and helps them leverage the wealth of no to low-cost resources available to develop and manage their online presence.

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