Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching Program: F.A.C.E. Your Business Future!

8-Hours To A Better, Stronger, Corporate Strategy

Patricia Wilson-Smith can help you figure out how to align your daily activities with your most important business goals, and increase your company’s value, specially for thoes doing business post COVID-19.

Based on her F.A.C.E. Your Future philosophy for individuals, her corporate program will show you:

  • How to Focus on the things that drive the most results for your company
  • How to Accept your weaknesses and manage yourself and your employees to your strengths
  • How to Climb the corporate ladder, by being the resource your Company needs, when your company needs it
  • How to Eliminate fake obstacles, deal with fake people, and get real results!

Yes, even your business can learn to F.A.C.E. it’s future, with the help of Patricia Wilson-Smith. For more business assistance we also recommend services like this licensed insolvency practitioners manchester experts.

Group Coaching

A full day, which includes:

  • Half Day Group Coaching Workshop for up to 10 people
  • Half Day 15 minute one-on-one sessions following workshop
  • A formal, detailed report of findings and recommendations

Ongoing Support: Monthly strategy sessions for a minimum of 3 months; includes a 15-minute one-on-one bi-weekly coaching call for up to 10 workshop participants.

For more information on our corporate coaching program, email us at, or call our office at 678.395.5874.

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